Our Ultimate Toy Playmate - Doraemon

The Ultimate Toy Playmate: Go get your own Doraemon!

Babies grow rapidly and never fail to amaze you with how quickly they transform and learn new skills and new tricks. Infact, the moment they come into your lives they add an entirely new dimension to your being and things well and truly start slipping out of your hands.Now, caring for an infant is a tough job and can entirely engulf your life and more so if you are a first time mommy. Life takes a 360 degree turn and you go from being responsible for yourself to being responsible for another little person who you are totally and completely besotted with for one minute and frustrated with for another minute. Furthermore, you will quickly realize that babies have little patience and need to be constantly entertained and if you have an infant with the attention span of a microsecond (that’s my girl Miraaya for you!) then you have a real problem on your hands. It is a test of your creativity – I am proud to say that I now know how to make zillion weird sounds, two dozen funny faces, can babble for an hour non-stop, can indulge in spoon throwing and can clap and dance like a clown at a moments notice. Alas! if only I was paid for harnessing these skills !

So folks, parenthood is a total loss of control. Your “much touted” problem solving skills (I really believe I have those ;)) and organized work and/or home ethic go straight out of the window from day 1 of the baby’s arrival.Things function not as you would like them to but as per your babies needs and any sort of a routine can only be established after you baby is 6-8 weeks old. Do not fret, this is normal and the fun phase begins now when your baby starts responding to your attempts to entertain her.

Babies never cease to amaze you with the fun, frolic and chaos that they can cause. Infact, the first time your newly born baby wails is a wonder – was this my little bundle’s pitch – OH YEAH! You better believe it! Infact infant wails become louder with each month and at 6 months they can bring the house down literally 🙂 Then ofcourse you have a BIGGER PROBLEM when reasonable, serious adults in the house start behaving like little infants –  case in point are my cousin brothers and my uncle (mammu) who insist on behaving like Miraaya when around her and more so when not around her so I can understand my massi (aunt) being upset when her son in his mid twenties chooses to answer all her queries with baby babble – thats tah tah tah….baa baa baa….phurr phurr phurr (the spitting sounds all babies learn magically themselves) for you !

As exciting as it is to be a playmate to your little one and have your near and dear ones shower attention upon them, you really need a “toy playmate” to help your baby be engrossed with objects rather than people (ofcourse soon they become so engrossed with objects that you wonder how to get their attention back). Till my daughter was two months old, the rattle fascinated her and then she rediscovered it again when she was 7 months old. She felt excited to be able to hold it, examine it with both hands and then hit all and sundry with it with her new found force! That’s baby happiness for you 🙂 However, the toy she is most fascinated and besotted with is this drum beating, head shaking Doraemon who slides on the floor and smartly turns around if he bumps into something.

When my aunt and uncle gifted this toy to Miraaya just after she was 3 months old, little did we know that he would become the ultimate toy playmate in her life and in ours. Miraaya just loves Doraemon…he makes the right amount of noise, shakes his head which is fascinating, has a drum which lights up when he is playing it and most importantly Dorae can move and so my daughter is in LOVE !!! Her face lights up, she gives him her best smile and ofcourse pays him the biggest compliment by trying to eat him up 🙂 Thank God for Dorae – he is a real life saver. He works his magic whenever Miraaya feels uncomfortable in a new surrounding or is fussy or finds that mommy is not at home. Dorae even travelled with us to Italy and entertained Miraaya all over Rome, Florence and Venice.

At three months, when an infant still cannot sit up or grasp things for too long they really like toys that they can look at and listen to. Musical toys both entertain and soothe an infant and more so if they can move or light up. Beware, your ipad or laptop are liked for the very same reason – the bright screen and the lit keyboard/ipad are an instant attraction. TV and AC remotes and Cell Phones are next in line and kids only want the REAL thing so buying a toy mobile or remote wont help. We have resigned to this fact and so are not surprised if everyday some icons or the other is magically deleted on our phones or the TV settings are altered multiple times in the day ! Infact, I see the little bunny crawl towards my laptop this very instant….HELP….WHERE IS DORAE? GIVE HER DORAE….Phew….Got to go….You mothers, go find your Dorae, NOW!

I WANT the laptop


9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Toy Playmate: Go get your own Doraemon!”

  1. I think this is among the most vital information for me. And i am glad rdnaieg your article. But should remark on few general things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  2. Congrats Manasi!! First for your being such a super non fussy mom and more for your writing skills! Seriously, you do have a very apt alternate profession choice with you.. Reading about your adorable Miraaya is totally fun and takes me back decades when I was a ‘new mom’ too!! Expensive innovative colourful toys are not what kids play with, Nish had to ‘find’ a new something each day when she had to be fed… I so remember an empty drinking chocolate tin which she banged dha dha with a spoon and made such a din! The tin surprisingly went out of shape with a toddlers bang bang but that was how she was fed her daily meal! Its nostalgic to go back in time, great sharing with a todays mom! Bless your naughty angel!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Aunty-Being a mommy has got me back to writing.Miraaya also loves the most innocuous things at home and not her toys !Kids-can’t figure them out 🙂 You realize what being a mommy is only after you become one-kudos to you, my mom and all moms out there!

  3. Beautiful…witty… and super writing Manasi… I almost for a moment that that Miraaya is doing all of this live… dnt stop writing these… 1 more follower added to ur blog followers…
    You make a lovely mom… bless u all ..

  4. I have to agree to this post completely. Doraemon was a completely life saver in Italy. Otherwise, i would have completely pulled out my last remaining hair. . . 🙂

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