7 Tips to make return to work after maternity smooth

Return to work after maternity

Juggling a career and raising a child!

The return to work after maternity is a tumultuous time. The eternal conflict between job vs. baby is real. Just when you start getting a hang of the “mommy gig“, you realize it is time to return to the  “job gig”. It is a tough balancing act. What complicates matters is that while you might still be a rookie at raising a child, you are expected to bring your “A” game to work everyday. This is especially true of women who plan a baby in their mid to late thirties which coincides with the most productive period of their careers. They are experienced and well versed in their roles at work but the experience of new parenthood is intense and over whelming and at complete odds with their work routine.

The truth is that while we crave for adult conversations and me-time and might want to get back to the action at work, we are mostly tired, drained and anxious of how our babies will manage without us. Or correction, how we will manage without our babies! Furthermore, the sleepless nights, round the cloth diaper duty, post-partum blues and our out of shape bodies can be a rude reminder of how our lives have been altered since maternity. Add to that, the dread of catching up on all you missed at work and the apprehension of not being able to handle things as adeptly and skillfully as before and you find yourself in a perfect tangle. All of a sudden the return to work after maternity does not sound like a cake walk and seems rather dreadful. There is obviously a lot to consider while planning your return to work after maternity and here are is a list of my top tips to make your return to work after maternity smooth.

  1. Aim for a mid-week start

    The first week back at work will be grueling no matter if you were away for 4 weeks or 20 weeks. I would strongly recommend joining work mid week rather than at the beginning of the week. The prospect of a shorter work week makes it easier to cope physically and emotionally. FACT – IT DOES GET BETTER AND MORE MANAGEABLE AS THE WEEKS WHIZ PAST. Continue reading