Top Tips for New Dads - First Steps

Top tips for New Dads

Hello Dude! Or is it Dad now :O

Wassup Dude…all well ? Hey, wait a minute…you aren’t a dude any longer are you? You, my dear friend are now a DAD! Woohoo, high five and major applause please! Ok…ok…sssshhhhh so what does being a DAD really mean? Is it all about being Dumb and Dumber? Or maybe its about Dividing and Delegating (you’d wish;))? Or wait, I reckon its when you are Done and Dusted! Maybe its all of the above ! Wow, sounds like a big bloody deal to be one then! Ofcourse it IS. And then some MORE.

Being a DAD really requires you to get your sh** together. As a new mom, I can vouch for the fact that Dads need to come to the field with their A game. New dads JUST need to hit the ground running. Ofcourse, “daddyhood” is new, scary and overwhelming. But you are in good hands. Here are some of my top tips for new dads that will help you dudes to rock at this new role! So here goes … Continue reading