Egg Freezing is a Fad

Freeze your eggs and free your career ! Why should you freeze your eggs?

The egg freeze rush !

“Welcome Ladies, we have great news for you? We will now empower you to freeze your eggs and launch your career.  Isn’t that great! Go get to work and celebrate because your career has been unleashed! #girluninterrupted #careerforlife #babylaterpromotiontoday!

The Problem: Well, this lady for one is just appalled and quite disappointed with Facebook and Apple’s “freeze your eggs” sweetener directed towards their female employees.I fail to see what is great in this move. Tech companies have agreed to pay $20,000 to cover egg freezing for their women employees who want to delay childbirth. Maybe it is the life stage that I am in, being a first time mommy and rediscovering my place at work.  I fail to find merit in an offer to pay women to put off childbirth. This is not just silly but downright senseless. What amazes me is that some women actually find this empowering and are welcoming this move as pro-choice! To my mind, it deflects from the more important issues of equal pay for women and helping women balance career and a family. Infact this “so called perk” actually pushes young women to put off childbirth till very late in the hope that it would push their career to new heights.

Now planning a family is a very personal decision. There are many who believe raising a child is a responsibility that they do not want to take on. Infact they might have ambitions (career or personal) that do not support having a child. I respect those decisions. What I find particularly troubling is to take the decision of procreation literally into the boardroom.Isn’t this ethically wrong? If your employer is offering to pay for a procedure that allows you to delay having a baby, isn’t it because they want you to use your time and energy in your most productive years focusing exclusively on your job without a family to distract you? Sounds pretty darn unethical to me! Continue reading