Cuts, scrapes and wounds - We all fall down

Cuts, scrapes and wounds that help us grow…

“Why do we fall, Bruce?”


Really! Tell me WHY, Bruce? Infact tell me why do babies fall?

I would like a reasonable answer,please! I am a Mom.

I have a heart made of Jell-O.

I demand an ANSWER! Sigh…

These cuts, scrapes and wounds are doing me no good. I just feel so damned awful when I hear that terrible thud and I know that my daughter has tumbled or stumbled! And then comes the petrifying wail that makes you freeze for a moment. OMG! What now? Is she Ok? Do we need to go to a doctor? Should I comfort her or treat her? Should I act animated or calm? Should I apply an ice pack or a lotion?

This is the tough part of parenting – seeing your kids fall and get hurt. But babies are resilient. They RISE. Infact they are rock solid TOUGH. How do I know this? Simple, from experience 🙂   Continue reading