My Daughter posing with her Chalkboard

Chalkboard birthday poster – DIY

Chalkboard in Focus

The Family Pic with the Chalkboard

First Birthdays are so much fun! For most parents the first birthday is a BIG milestone. It seems hard to believe that the little bundle that was handed to you in your arms is now all grown up (we parents do exaggerate ;)) and is a little person with his/her own likes and interests! As the first birthday approaches there begins intense planning and discussions on how to celebrate the big day? Celebrating the first birthday can be tedious and nerve-racking. To get over the nerves, you might want to actually create something on your own for your baby that encapsulates his/her key milestones.

The Chalkboard poster is one such great way of showcasing your child’s milestones. It also presents a good photo-op opportunity with the little one on their special day. Infact, you can create a chalkboard for any event be it a birthday or anniversary or an achievement. Continue reading