Blog Turns One – Happy Birthday Mommyreflects

Blog Turns One !

Happy Birthday Mommyreflects !

Whoa, its been a year already! This blog turns one. Unbelievable! Time flies and how. A year ago, I had no clue that what started as a rant of a new mother about bumps, birth, babies and being a mom would soon become an obsession. A good obsession but also a slightly manic one;) At first, I wasn’t quite sure what I would write about or how I would want to develop my blog. I just went with the flow and boy did I learn to swim along the way. I haven’t been hooked to anything like this since I drank my first glass of wine(sic!)! So you wanna blog? Well, Do It. Do it now! Do not put it off. Start writing. Start blogging. Start posting. Make a start. It is worth it.

1 year of blogging – Been an awesome ride so far.A big thank you to my 118 subscribers and a high five to my 294 followers on mommyreflects facebook page. You guys make this all worth it. It has been great engaging with you and I hope to keep you engrossed in the year to come with my reflections, rants and rambles. Here is a look at some highlights of the year gone by… Continue reading