Why I want to be a toddler?

I want to be a toddler

Toddlers are awesome and I want to be a toddler. No, I am not drunk. I write from experience of raising a toddler and being both exasperated and in awe of these little monsters. They are cute little beings (atleast they look cute) who keep you on your toes and almost always (ALWAYS !) get their way. They are kick-ass negotiators and have the ability to make an impression (yes, grunting, crying, screaming, whining and making a fuss requires effort). While parenting a toddler is a herculean task I truly admire the toddler gumption and look upto them in admiration (sic!). So, I am certain that I want to be a toddler and given below are some compelling reasons of why

  • “No” rules

    I want to be a toddler so that I can respond with a “No” to every question that I am asked with alarming regularity. Except when there is ice-cream on offer.

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