My Daughter posing with her Chalkboard

Chalkboard birthday poster – DIY

Chalkboard in Focus

The Family Pic with the Chalkboard

First Birthdays are so much fun! For most parents the first birthday is a BIG milestone. It seems hard to believe that the little bundle that was handed to you in your arms is now all grown up (we parents do exaggerate ;)) and is a little person with his/her own likes and interests! As the first birthday approaches there begins intense planning and discussions on how to celebrate the big day? Celebrating the first birthday can be tedious and nerve-racking. To get over the nerves, you might want to actually create something on your own for your baby that encapsulates his/her key milestones.

The Chalkboard poster is one such great way of showcasing your child’s milestones. It also presents a good photo-op opportunity with the little one on their special day. Infact, you can create a chalkboard for any event be it a birthday or anniversary or an achievement. Continue reading

First steps for father and daughter

Curtain call on the “year of firsts for my baby”

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet

My Baby is One

My Baby is One

As the second month of the year comes to a close, I cannot believe that it is 2015 already ! Time is flying and I can barely catch a breath! Is 2014 really over??? Yes the “year of firsts for my baby” has come to a close. Wow! what a landmark year it was for me. I went through the pain and stress of childbirth to be blessed with a beautiful daughter on 5th January 2014. It all changed from that moment. I went from being a regular person to a MOM. As a couple we were no longer DINKS but infact PARENTS and our PARENTS became GRAND PARENTS. And of course I sprouted grey hair (100% fact) right after my delivery and a larger than life belly which just doesn’t want to go away. How is that for some amazing firsts 😉

Baby moving stuff around !

Moving Furniture

The past year saw me juggle, struggle and tumble my way through motherhood as also returning to work after becoming a mom. The highlight professionally was that amidst the rumble tumble of work and baby, I got promoted and moved a notch up the corporate ladder which was pretty incredible and unbelievable. So really, it has been a crazy, mad year full of happiness, stress, excitement, burps, sleep deprivation, joy, hiccups, dark circles, bulges, unconditional love, advice, travel, diet, diapers, tantrums and temper but most of all it was a year of First’s for my baby and my family ! Continue reading

Egg Freezing is a Fad

Freeze your eggs and free your career ! Why should you freeze your eggs?

The egg freeze rush !“Welcome Ladies, we have great news for you? We will now empower you to freeze your eggs and launch your career.  Isn’t that great! Go get to work and celebrate because your career has been unleashed! #girluninterrupted #careerforlife #babylaterpromotiontoday!

The Problem: Well, this lady for one is just appalled and quite disappointed with Facebook and Apple’s “freeze your eggs” sweetener directed towards their female employees.I fail to see what is great in this move. Tech companies have agreed to pay $20,000 to cover egg freezing for their women employees who want to delay childbirth. Maybe it is the life stage that I am in, being a first time mommy and rediscovering my place at work.  I fail to find merit in an offer to pay women to put off childbirth. This is not just silly but downright senseless. What amazes me is that some women actually find this empowering and are welcoming this move as pro-choice! To my mind, it deflects from the more important issues of equal pay for women and helping women balance career and a family. Infact this “so called perk” actually pushes young women to put off childbirth till very late in the hope that it would push their career to new heights.

Now planning a family is a very personal decision. There are many who believe raising a child is a responsibility that they do not want to take on. Infact they might have ambitions (career or personal) that do not support having a child. I respect those decisions. What I find particularly troubling is to take the decision of procreation literally into the boardroom.Isn’t this ethically wrong? If your employer is offering to pay for a procedure that allows you to delay having a baby, isn’t it because they want you to use your time and energy in your most productive years focusing exclusively on your job without a family to distract you? Sounds pretty darn unethical to me! Continue reading

Look back to third trimester: All about Nesting & Resting !

My daughter just turned nine months old a couple of weeks ago and I could not help but look back and reminiscence about my final weeks of pregnancy.  Oh !What a roller coaster journey the whole nine months are ! More than the distinct and sometimes discomforting changes that you undergo as a woman, it is perhaps the most tumultuous time mentally with your hormones playing truant. This feeling is exaggerated as one nears the finishing line. The second half of the third trimester for most part leaves you with a “I am almost there but not quite there” feeling . You sense and know that your life will change completely but are not really sure how you feel about it. It seems like things will soon be out of control and it is time to take stock and be ready for becoming a parent.

Somewhere around this time, the nesting instinct takes over.  You have this uncontrollable urge to clean and tidy up to get ready for the arrival of the little one.  You will also try to hold on to the last bit of peace, quiet, relaxation and also want to attend some social events before the due date. You might feel like you have a zillion things to do before giving birth and barely anytime to do them in! This is when you experience the magical surge of energy aka “nesting” when you want to create your perfect nest. Here are my top nesting and resting tips for your third trimester Continue reading

Backpacks to Bassinets: Tips for Air Travel with an Infant (upto 6 mths old)

Travel with an Infant - Flying with Daddy

The Travel Bug Bites

I started writing this blog as I took my first train journey from Delhi to Agra on work sans baby and like all mothers I began to reminiscence about all my sojourns with Miraaya, my daughter, in the last 8 months. Now travel with an infant is not a walk in the park. For travel enthusiasts like me and my husband, and most importantly as twin city couples shuttling between Delhi and Chennai, it was but natural that our daughter would be taking a lot of flights very early in her life. Infact, the amount of air travel I did during the first 8 months of my pregnancy led me to believe that my daughter would be a pro at air travel or at the very least I secretly hoped that would be the case:). Well, in retrospect I think she did not do too badly having taken her first flight from Delhi to Chennai when she was 8 weeks old and first international flight to Rome before she was 4 months old. I still remember how pleased I was to have my daughter’s passport in hand by the time she turned two months old, sic! Continue reading