Raising a Toddler - Meals are meant to be messy
Toddler Years

10 signs that you are raising a toddler

Anyone who has raised a toddler or is currently raising a toddler knows that it is no mean task. Toddlers are spirited and sprightly little beings who are prone to irrational bouts that involve screaming like a banshee or lying face down on the ground and kicking up a storm for no apparent reason. They have their own unique …

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Breastfeeding is hard – What they don’t tell you about it?

photo credit: Jomphong via freedigitalphotos.net Let me get straight to the point. Breast feeding is hard. It’s fucking hard. Nobody really tells you straight up how difficult it is going to be. IT IS DIFFICULT.  There I have said it ! Infact, it is the mother of all parenting decisions that you will take right after …

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