Innocence lost, shame on humnity - Aylan Kurdi

Innocence washed ashore – Will Aylan Kurdi’s death wake us up?

The heartbreaking images of a Syrian toddler, Aylan Kurdi, washed ashore, lifeless on a Turkish beach has sparked outrage across the globe. The images are disturbing. As a mother of a toddler, I did not want to see them. But I did. And yes, I was anguished. I cried. Many of you might be distressed that such a photo has gone viral. I am not. This is REAL. This is a crisis. Infact, it is a crisis of epic proportions that warrants outrage, anger and action.This is the world’s most powerful nations and politicians failing to control a situation that is horribly out of control. But most of all, this is a tragedy of isolation! We cannot wish to ignore conflict and strife in other nations particularly our neighbours. After all, we live in a connected world and no nation in this world can hope to progress alone. Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body is a reminder of a five year crisis in Syria that has displayed millions of families and cost so many lives.

Aylan drowned alongside his five year old brother, Galip and his mother Rihan. Only his father Abdullah Kurdi survived while trying to take his family to Greece on one among two boats that capsized killing 12 migrants from Bodrum in Turkey. You can read more about Aylan Kurdi’s story here. Please note that you may find the photos disturbing.

While netizens and artists unite in expressing their condolences to the Kurdi family the real question that politicians in Europe, US and the Middle East need to answer is how to stop this war and help the families who have been displaced from their homes and want to rebuild a life in a safe and secure environment? Stop and consider the options that Abdullah Kurdi was confronted with when he made the decision to board that boat with his family. He obviously knew the risks but probably felt making the journey was safer than being deported back home to a strife ridden Kobane. It is reported that they were not registered as refugees in Turkey and weren’t being granted an exit visa which led to this extreme step. Truly tragic.

It is too late to save the Kurdi family but it isn’t too late to save the millions of other families who are stuck in a limbo trying to flee from conflict and strife. All they want is a life of peace and acceptance. I hope the politicians are listening! Political will is required to find a solution to this humanitarian crisis. Till then, be prepared to face our collective outrage and anguish !

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