First Date Night after Baby

First date night after baby – bas hungama ho gaya !

Flashback 14th March 2014Woo Hoo! The day has FINALLY come ! This is going to be so much fun and I just can’t wait ! I feel like I am 20 something. 

Which day you may ask ? Well this is the day I have been dreaming about and waiting for weeks infact, 10 long weeks to be precise and no, I am not referring to giving birth 🙂 I am talking about my FIRST DATE NIGHT after baby was born. It was a movie night with popcorn and cold coffee (yeah ! I like cold coffee with my popcorn!)whooopie !!! A bonafide movie date with my husband. No diaper duty for two full hours. No baby howls. No feeding. No hiccups. No lounging in mom pajamas. WOW! No, I am not bonkers – this is and was a big deal when it happened on a sultry evening in Chennai on 15th March 2014 and required a lot of elaborate plotting, planning, scheduling and back up planning (wink, wink).

The Plan & The Plot

For starters I needed to be in the same city as my hubby which finally happened two months after Miraaya,our little baby girl was born (#twincitycouple). My mom, baby, me and our house help (Ganga) traveled from Delhi to Chennai for a month in March 2014. All in same city – CHECK

Hubby and I are big movie buffs so we knew that our first date night after baby had to be a movie. Ofcourse, we needed to watch the movie in two groups because my mom also has a life(these days she is granny on duty) and needs to be entertained. So mommy and Ganga were group No. 1 and hubby and I were group 2! So scheduling in place – CHECK

Now that the scheduling was out of the way, we needed a spectacular movie which would make all this worth it. Yes! this is a side effect of life with an infant – you cannot just go watch any random movie, you need to watch a bonafide blockbuster to make all the plotting and planning worth it ! Thankfully, Queen (bollywood movie) was running at this time and was getting rave reviews all round. Yipee! Tickets to a block bluster booked – CHECK

Then came the logistics – the cinema hall needed to be close to home to minimize the travel time. Ideally you would want the movie to be under 3 hours to minimize chances of having to rush home to soothe an inconsolable infant who hates that you have left her to go watch something as stupid as a movie! Sigh! Also if you are exclusively breastfeeding then you need to stock up on your expressed breast milk (minimum 2 feeds) and make sure your baby is comfortable with your baby sitter and your baby sitter is capable of handling a tantrum or two or correction make that a dozen tantrums 🙂

Phew ! Does this sound too cumbersome and tedious – well it definitely is especially in the beginning but then ladies, this is what it all comes down to – simple pleasures of life which were taken for granted and were a regular part of a weekly routine become big events that one needs to plan for and plan for them you must. These moments of normalcy are what will help you get back your life and help you de-stress and adjust to your new life as a parent. Infact, as a new mother you regularly need to find time for relaxation out of the home so as to keep those post pregnancy blues at bay and you need the support of your partner and family to help you get that golden “ME” time. I love playing Sherlock and am always planning these little getaways whether a shopping expedition, a lunch/dinner date with friends or family or a spa appointment or even attending a wedding. I also love traveling and am a very social person so I was not going to get bogged down by a little planning or the prospect of a wailing infant to put off life’s simple pleasures. Case in point, my daughter, Miraaya had her passport ready the day she turned two months old and by the time she was four months old she had taken her first international vacation to Italy and it was a crazy, memorable, super fun trip (more on that in another blog).

But WAIT ! If you thought planning your perfect evening and stepping out was the end of the story then I am sorry to break the bubble. This is just when separation anxiety kicks in and you are torn between having a good time (#mommy guilt trips) and feeling guilty about having a good time (sic!). What follows is the urge to call home every 15 minutes to check on the little one, infact you might find yourself sneaking out to call your mom/mom-in-law/nanny/partner to check if the baby is asleep or has had his/her diaper change or to pass on random advice to cover up for not being there actually!  Then you could end up browsing through your baby’s cutest photos or showing them off and ofcourse you also indulge in LOADS of baby talk. All the side-effects of being a new mommy and all NORMAL 🙂 Its after all this brouhaha that you can settle down and FINALLY HAVE A GOOD TIME. Oops does this mean I will need to indulge in adult talk 😉

Anyway folks, I had a super fabulous time watching my first movie in the Cinema after Miraaya was born. Kangna Ranaut created magic on screen as Rani (Queen).We were able to watch the entire movie while Miraaya slept at home and when we got back I hugged Miraaya like I had not seen her in ten years much to her disgust 😉

What can I say folks ! Uss din toh hungama ho gaya (sirf movie hall mein ghar pe nahin)!

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4 thoughts on “First date night after baby – bas hungama ho gaya !”

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  2. Ha ha ha wait till you are back in Delhi and are unable to watch every other flick…these bachelor days will be missed then Mr Dhar 🙂 Enough of movie watching alone…

  3. Now when i read this, i realise the importance of such things. Staying alone in Chennai doesn’t make movie watching “special”. Worst complaint that i have with watching movies in Chennai is that i have to watch them alone. That’s it. Simple needs in life.

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