First steps for father and daughter

Curtain call on the “year of firsts for my baby”

Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet
My Baby is One
My Baby is One

As the second month of the year comes to a close, I cannot believe that it is 2015 already ! Time is flying and I can barely catch a breath! Is 2014 really over??? Yes the “year of firsts for my baby” has come to a close. Wow! what a landmark year it was for me. I went through the pain and stress of childbirth to be blessed with a beautiful daughter on 5th January 2014. It all changed from that moment. I went from being a regular person to a MOM. As a couple we were no longer DINKS but infact PARENTS and our PARENTS became GRAND PARENTS. And of course I sprouted grey hair (100% fact) right after my delivery and a larger than life belly which just doesn’t want to go away. How is that for some amazing firsts 😉

Baby moving stuff around !
Moving Furniture

The past year saw me juggle, struggle and tumble my way through motherhood as also returning to work after becoming a mom. The highlight professionally was that amidst the rumble tumble of work and baby, I got promoted and moved a notch up the corporate ladder which was pretty incredible and unbelievable. So really, it has been a crazy, mad year full of happiness, stress, excitement, burps, sleep deprivation, joy, hiccups, dark circles, bulges, unconditional love, advice, travel, diet, diapers, tantrums and temper but most of all it was a year of First’s for my baby and my family !

I think such a mad year definitely deserves a look back and I for one need to document some of the most memorable First’s because I fear my memory is fading by the day and my baby is growing up far too quickly for my liking. So here goes my long list of favourite First’s.

The First Day : Baby and Mom viewing each other with Love
Day 1 : Love at First Sight


From a faint sensation to a live wire kicking  in your tummy to a little adorable baby in your arms who you love unconditionally is a pretty big FIRST. The first day is a blessing and is over far too quickly especially if it follows 10 -12 hour long labour pains. You are exhausted but in love. Miraaya, our little baby girl was a big show off on her first day in this world and played straight to the gallery ! She was wide eyed and aware and soaked in all the attention. Her dad was ecstatic and the family was euphoric. I remember being content and happy and gazing at the little one trying to look for a resemblance 😉 (she resembles her dad..sigh!) The big eyes looked right back and I knew that this was the beginning of our love story.

The First Bath
The First Bath


You have no clue how tiny and delicate your newborn is till you have to bathe the baby for the first time. It is a terrifying experience for a first time mother.I remember it being super cold and me and my mom trying our best to make it a pleasant experience for Miraaya. She was super shocked as to what was happening and we have some pretty crazy photographs to prove it. Of course bath time is now the most favourite time of her day and one can hear squeals of laughter and joy as she soaks herself and her bath toys !

The first smile
Smiling like an adult at less than 1 month


Nothing gladdens your heart more than seeing your baby smile for the first time. It is the first real sign of communication. It is also fun to see everyone behave like a clown to get the baby to smile 🙂 The social smile lasts for 4-6 weeks. This is the period when you baby will respond to even strangers  with a big smile. Soon the smile is reserved for familiar faces only or those who indulge in play with the infant


No first year look back is complete without documenting the scrapes, falls and cuts.

We have a VOICE !
We have a VOICE !

Miraaya’s first fall came when she was just 2.5 months old and rolled off the bed early in the morning while sleeping. Oh! what a loud thud that was and I was quite horror struck since I had made the mistake of shifting sides (she sleeps with us !) and placing her beside me instead of between us. Luckily the  diaper bag was on the floor and that saved her from getting badly hurt. However being a hyper active kid, she has had multiple falls from the bed and even managed to split her lip trying to climb a suitcase a week before her 1st birthday ! The ice pack is always handy in such cases. You need to keep a cool head and remain calm to help the baby to relax – advice that is useful but really tough to follow.  However, don’t let falls and scrapes deter you from letting your child develop his/her motor skills – they need to practice sitting up, turning over, crawling, standing, walking and running and yes they will falter and they will fall. We just have to help them get up.


This one was a big milestone for me because I felt that Miraaya started acknowledging my presence and started becoming aware of people and things around her. With recognition there also comes separation anxiety and weirdly I enjoyed getting the attention from her when I would move away.  The awareness of parents, family and close friends only gets reinforced with each passing day and now your baby begins to get choosy about the company that she keeps. This phase is quickly followed by the pointing phase where infants go nuts pointing at everything in the house and you have to learn the art of ignoring them or learning to say no rather than allowing them to touch and pick up everything they point towards.

Year of Firsts for my Baby: Seeing mom off to work!
Mom is off to work!


Bidding adieu to your baby and going to work is tough. I remember Miraaya sitting in her rocking chair and giving me a forlorn look when I said bye to her the first day that I went back to work. The first day is tough and it doesn’t get better with time. Infact, Miraaya is more aware at 13 months that I leave her every morning to go to work than she was when she was 5 months old. She does protest vehemently everyday when I say bye and leave.  Ofcourse, five minutes later she is busy troubling nani 🙂 The real reward however, is at the end of the day when I am greeted with squeals of delight, a tight hug and a huge smile when I reach home.


Introducing your infant to his/ her first solid

Year of Firsts for my Baby: Messy Meal Time !
Messy Meal Time !

food is a big milestone and in some cultures this is celebrated as a mega event. I had been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for 5.5 months when I decided to introduce cereal and juice to her diet. I continued breastfeeding till 10 months after which she transitioned completely to solids supplemented with formula milk. Luckily Miraaya took to semi-solids really well. She relished her cereal and loved her fresh orange juice. By this time she could sit upright without support. I also introduced water at this stage and was happy that she loved water. Meal times were and continue to be playful, messy and noisy.

Year of Firsts for my Baby: Baby moving stuff around !
Moving Furniture


Miraaya is an active kid and just can’t sit still. So it was no surprise that she started crawling fairly early (5 months) and became quite the explorer. Discovering this kind of movement is a great leap forward for the infant and the family. All of a sudden your kid can reach places you thought were unreachable and poke his/her hands in all things they should stay away from ! They are also learning to balance and tend to fall over very often. I was amazed by the speed at which Miraaya could crawl and the strength that she has to move things around!


Miraaya loves music. Correction, Miraaya loves bollywood music 🙂 Her tryst with dancing began with “Saturday Saturday”, the Alia Bhatt song from Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania. One fine day she was moving to the music, arms in the air, head shaking and since that day she hasn’t looked back. She has taken over our music playlist and has her own signature dance moves that promise to entertain.

Year of Firsts for my Baby: Baby steps for Father & Daughter!
Baby steps for Father & Daughter!


I have saved the biggest FIRST for last – the first steps! Miraaya started walking at 10.5 months and we were all super excited to see her take her first few steps. There is a special high in seeing your baby take her first steps towards independence. One day she was walking and a few days later she wanted to run ! That was some growth spurt.  Bravo lil girl ! Hey hey hey…wait a minute, who just emptied my drawer??? MIRAAYA….MIRAAYA….where are you? Come here….hey don’t run off you little naughty minx….mom is coming to get you….SIGH….the second year begins !

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