Why I want to be a toddler?

I want to be a toddler

Toddlers are awesome and I want to be a toddler. No, I am not drunk. I write from experience of raising a toddler and being both exasperated and in awe of these little monsters. They are cute little beings (atleast they look cute) who keep you on your toes and almost always (ALWAYS !) get their way. They are kick-ass negotiators and have the ability to make an impression (yes, grunting, crying, screaming, whining and making a fuss requires effort). While parenting a toddler is a herculean task I truly admire the toddler gumption and look upto them in admiration (sic!). So, I am certain that I want to be a toddler and given below are some compelling reasons of why

  • “No” rules

    I want to be a toddler so that I can respond with a “No” to every question that I am asked with alarming regularity. Except when there is ice-cream on offer.

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Co-sleeping : Living life on the edge

Co-sleeping with baby

Recently I read this quote “If you are not living on the edge you are taking too much space”. I beg to disagree. I have been living on the edge for two years and how! No, I am not into bungee jumping or scuba diving and I am definitely not jumping out of a plane for thrills anytime soon. I am just a mom who has been co-sleeping with her toddler daughter since the day she was born. So, I have been literally “living life on the edge” of my bed ! And boy, is it constricted for space if you are co-sleeping with a hyperactive toddler who loves pushing you off your own bed with alarming regularity every single night. It is no surprise that I often find myself awake in the middle of the night trying to negotiate my way back into the bed ! Continue reading

Raising a Toddler - Meals are meant to be messy

10 signs that you are raising a toddler

Anyone who has raised a toddler or is currently raising a toddler knows that it is no mean task. Toddlers are spirited and sprightly little beings who are prone to irrational bouts that involve screaming like a banshee or lying face down on the ground and kicking up a storm for no apparent reason. They have their own unique brand of logic which is mostly unfathomable and something I haven’t been able to decode with any degree of success. As much as I would like to repose my faith in “toddler logic” (why toddlers do what they do?) and get to the bottom of all their weirdness, I am afraid I am not qualified to do so and might never be!

However, I am raising a toddler and here are tell tale signs of the same-

1. You have a piggy on your back

You thought your kiddo would want to walk around now that he/she has actually learnt how to walk. Well, not really. Toddlers can be clingy and will demand to be carried around when you least expect it. Be prepared to piggy back the little monster while you are running errands or are out with friends. On the bright side, carrying a toddler that weighs 12-13 kilos implies you are burning calories quickly (sic!).

2. Your make-up collection is frequently raided

You know you are raising a toddler when she has your lipstick smeared all over her face on a regular basis. Infact, much to my dismay my little monster is convinced that lipstick is the perfect tool to be used for refining her art skills (sic!). Needless to say I have more than a couple of bed spreads that are ruined and my prized mac blush is no longer fit for use !  So, don’t be surprised if your make up is regularly strewn across the floor or hidden behind your sofa cushions – you are after all raising a toddler and this is perfectly normal toddler behaviour.

3. Meal times are messy, messy, messy

I am convinced that toddlers have a do-it-yourself affliction that manifests itself in its worst form at the dining table. They HAVE to eat all their food by themselves. They also INSIST on using the cutlery. And ofcourse they are NOT to be touched while attempting to eat anything! Needless to say they make a big mess of EVERYTHING. You will find food everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) and god help you if your toddler loves noodles or spaghetti ! Continue reading

Cuts, scrapes and wounds - We all fall down

Cuts, scrapes and wounds that help us grow…

“Why do we fall, Bruce?”


Really! Tell me WHY, Bruce? Infact tell me why do babies fall?

I would like a reasonable answer,please! I am a Mom.

I have a heart made of Jell-O.

I demand an ANSWER! Sigh…

These cuts, scrapes and wounds are doing me no good. I just feel so damned awful when I hear that terrible thud and I know that my daughter has tumbled or stumbled! And then comes the petrifying wail that makes you freeze for a moment. OMG! What now? Is she Ok? Do we need to go to a doctor? Should I comfort her or treat her? Should I act animated or calm? Should I apply an ice pack or a lotion?

This is the tough part of parenting – seeing your kids fall and get hurt. But babies are resilient. They RISE. Infact they are rock solid TOUGH. How do I know this? Simple, from experience 🙂   Continue reading

Top Tips for New Dads - First Steps

Top tips for New Dads

Hello Dude! Or is it Dad now :O

Wassup Dude…all well ? Hey, wait a minute…you aren’t a dude any longer are you? You, my dear friend are now a DAD! Woohoo, high five and major applause please! Ok…ok…sssshhhhh so what does being a DAD really mean? Is it all about being Dumb and Dumber? Or maybe its about Dividing and Delegating (you’d wish;))? Or wait, I reckon its when you are Done and Dusted! Maybe its all of the above ! Wow, sounds like a big bloody deal to be one then! Ofcourse it IS. And then some MORE.

Being a DAD really requires you to get your sh** together. As a new mom, I can vouch for the fact that Dads need to come to the field with their A game. New dads JUST need to hit the ground running. Ofcourse, “daddyhood” is new, scary and overwhelming. But you are in good hands. Here are some of my top tips for new dads that will help you dudes to rock at this new role! So here goes … Continue reading