Foods to avoid during Pregnancy

Five Foods to avoid during pregnancy that I just gobbled up !

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Hey, what did you just put in your mouth? Aren’t you pregnant? Is it safe to eat that?

Boy! aren’t these questions tiring? The hullabaloo around what to eat and what to avoid begins from the day that you announce you are pregnant.  Really, what is all the fuss about which foods to avoid during pregnancy? Everyone has an opinion on what you must not put in your mouth. “Eat this, not that”, “Do you really need that extra cup of coffee”, “OMG is that maggi you are eating”, “Chinese food…”, “Give up diet cola”…phew Continue reading

Look back to third trimester: All about Nesting & Resting !

My daughter just turned nine months old a couple of weeks ago and I could not help but look back and reminiscence about my final weeks of pregnancy.  Oh !What a roller coaster journey the whole nine months are ! More than the distinct and sometimes discomforting changes that you undergo as a woman, it is perhaps the most tumultuous time mentally with your hormones playing truant. This feeling is exaggerated as one nears the finishing line. The second half of the third trimester for most part leaves you with a “I am almost there but not quite there” feeling . You sense and know that your life will change completely but are not really sure how you feel about it. It seems like things will soon be out of control and it is time to take stock and be ready for becoming a parent.

Somewhere around this time, the nesting instinct takes over.  You have this uncontrollable urge to clean and tidy up to get ready for the arrival of the little one.  You will also try to hold on to the last bit of peace, quiet, relaxation and also want to attend some social events before the due date. You might feel like you have a zillion things to do before giving birth and barely anytime to do them in! This is when you experience the magical surge of energy aka “nesting” when you want to create your perfect nest. Here are my top nesting and resting tips for your third trimester Continue reading

OMG I am pregnant now what - enjoy your growing waistline

OMG I am pregnant now what – hurrahs & howls

OMG I am pregnant now what.

Sigh!there are some moments in life that are truly life altering and you know that things will not be the same again but very rarely do you come across such a life altering moment which has the potential to keep surprising you every week with just how much your life REALLY IS ALTERING 🙂 Being pregnant is the beginning of one such phase and its amazing how you change as a person through this phase. Infact, as I look back I realize that pregnancy is a perfect training ground for becoming a mother especially getting used to the rapid changes in your body and in your life and is a sneak peak into what will be the most overwhelming experience ever – motherhood!

Looking back I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. I was in the midst of a very hectic work assignment travelling in the beginning of the summer season (2013) to South India. Right in the middle of the week, in Hyderabad I bought the pregnancy kit and when those two blue lines appeared there were only three words that came out of my mouth – OH MY GOD! What followed was a blur, calls to my mom and husband – we are a twin city couple, I live and work in Delhi and Ashutosh in Chennai (we continue to be twin city ! more on that in another blog about managing a family in 2 cities). Hectic plans were made for the hubby to fly down to Delhi for our first OBY-GYN appointment as also to break the happy news to my in-laws and close friends/family. HURRAH ! HURRAH!

OH! But wait a minute – I am a consultant and I just started a really important project which requires me to work round the clock (time no bar!SIC!SIC!) and travel incessantly especially in the first trimester. HOWL HOWL HOWL! What is worse is that I can’t break the news to anyone at work or people at large since its a taboo to do so till the first trimester is up! DOUBLE HOWL! And of course I cannot have that glass of wine at the team outing much to the suspicion of everyone around !!! Infact, you can say goodbye to wine, beer, those lovely refreshing cocktails for a year at the very least especially if you are going to be breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months.

As these thoughts crowd your mind you also witness REAL changes (sometimes daily) in how you feel in the first trimester. This is according to me, the toughest part of pregnancy because you do not look pregnant visibly or feel a life inside you but your body seems to be acting out on its own, rather misbehaving. Everything hurts, you feel tired and exhausted and a tad anxious with all that is happening to you. For me the weird sick feeling aka morning sickness was a big bad HOWL and I couldn’t fathom why I would suddenly feel sick at the slightest trigger – sometimes while sipping my morning cup of tea ( I am a tea and coffee addict) and definitely while smelling things. Infact the smell factor was so strong that I would feel like puking at the strong smell of perfume or sweat and I am sure my team at work felt I was going nuts when I started spraying perfume while entering a cab or randomly while sitting in a conference room 🙂 Oh my god !moan….moan….moan….IS MY LIFE IS OVER ! Well yes and no 🙂 Life as you knew it is over but nothing stops you from trying to live it up as much as possible. One tends to overreact and become too cautious while being pregnant – blame it on the crazy hormones or the incessant advice from all and sundry about what you should eat, how much you should rest, how you should stop wearing heels and drinking that coffee or eating chinese food ! The list is endless.

All I can say is that pregnancy is an overwhelming experience and especially for those of us who experience morning sickness and extreme fatigue right in the beginning. I knew that after I have a baby I would need to make some adjustments especially in my work life. As a consultant I travel and work on client sites sometimes being away from home for months, five days a week and this routine is something I would have to sacrifice after my baby is born for atleast a year. So I decided that I was going to immerse myself into my work while I could, travel (I did 7 hour road trips for work as also multiple flights all over India) as if everything was normal (it really is normal) and not fuss about what I was eating. My husband was in another city so that also helped me to focus on work and luckily he wasn’t one to fuss or question how much I was working or what exactly I was eating. So yes I roamed the length and breadth of the country – it was work and it was fun ! I got a prescription pill to help ease my morning sickness. I drank my coffee without worrying about how much is advisable as per xyz survey, enjoyed the occasional chinese meal and requested the chef not to add MSG  and  yes I did not give up on popping a mint a day and sometimes had diet cola as well !There I have said it – for many this bindass attitude was careless but I think it gave me a peak into the kind of mommy that I would become – definitely not possessive or overprotective.  And yes I gave birth to a normal, healthy baby girl who is an absolute delight and a total riot and drives me nuts 🙂

It is so easy to get carried away and be extra hyper while being pregnant about all sorts of things. Being able to google everything just adds to the pressure and information overload. In retrospect, I think having a bindass OB-GYN who said everything was fine despite the 18 hours work days, crazy travel, 17 kg weight gain through pregnancy really helped. So a big thank you to Dr Tripat Choudhary and a big shout out to my mom and husband for being there and attending to my cravings, frowns and howls. It seems like I have talked too much about the howls – let me end with the biggest HURRAH in the first trimester – the first ultrasound !

Being able to see your lil one for the first time is an indescribable feeling ! Its soo exciting and REAL. You are shown a tiny little life, a new person, your baby – WOW ! OMG! I am pregnant now what – Time to celebrate YIPPEE :):):)