Blog Turns One – Happy Birthday Mommyreflects

Blog Turns One !

Happy Birthday Mommyreflects !

Whoa, its been a year already! This blog turns one. Unbelievable! Time flies and how. A year ago, I had no clue that what started as a rant of a new mother about bumps, birth, babies and being a mom would soon become an obsession. A good obsession but also a slightly manic one;) At first, I wasn’t quite sure what I would write about or how I would want to develop my blog. I just went with the flow and boy did I learn to swim along the way. I haven’t been hooked to anything like this since I drank my first glass of wine(sic!)! So you wanna blog? Well, Do It. Do it now! Do not put it off. Start writing. Start blogging. Start posting. Make a start. It is worth it.

1 year of blogging – Been an awesome ride so far.A big thank you to my 118 subscribers and a high five to my 294 followers on mommyreflects facebook page. You guys make this all worth it. It has been great engaging with you and I hope to keep you engrossed in the year to come with my reflections, rants and rambles. Here is a look at some highlights of the year gone by…

Highlights from Last Year

Blog Turns One
My baby turns ONE

Year One has been amazing. I have re-discovered my love for writing. I have given the blog a lot of time and love. I have seen it grow from strength to strength. Its a bit like raising a kid and I thought I had my hands full with my daughter Miraaya 🙂 In my 1st year as a mommy blogger I have written about being pregnant, about my first date night, about breastfeeding, about Miraaya’s year of first’s, about my mom, about travel with an infant and ofcourse my essential tips for new dad’s. My most popular post was #Selfiewithdaughter while my most humorous post was You know you’re a Mom When

While I wrote about things close to my heart, I also read a lot. I connected with fellow mommy bloggers. I discovered that the mommy blogger community is full of kick-a** writers who have a great knack of delivering humorous, relevant and powerful content. If you haven’t read A Mothership Down, Scary Mommy, Pregnant Chicken and Ask Your Dad Blog then you need to check them out NOW! Blogging is hard work and hats off to these stellar bloggers for churning out great content. They motivate me to think hard about what I write and how I write it. I would love to do a guest post for these blogs in the near future.

This past year I have also learnt to be more SOCIAL. I built mommyreflects facebook and pinterest page. While I have been engaging a lot with my followers on facebook, I reckon I need to polish my social skills a tad bit more. This means posting more often and sharing riveting content from other fellow bloggers.I would also like to try my hand at photo and video posts. A twitter and instagram page are definitely on the cards in the coming year. Perhaps a website refresh or even an overhaul.

So here is to YEAR TWO of blogging about bumps, birth, babies and being a mommy. WATCH THIS SPACE….

Blog turns one - Blog anniversary

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