Innocence lost, shame on humnity - Aylan Kurdi

Innocence washed ashore – Will Aylan Kurdi’s death wake us up?

The heartbreaking images of a Syrian toddler, Aylan Kurdi, washed ashore, lifeless on a Turkish beach has sparked outrage across the globe. The images are disturbing. As a mother of a toddler, I did not want to see them. But I did. And yes, I was anguished. I cried. Many of you might be distressed that such a photo has gone viral. I am not. This is REAL. This is a crisis. Infact, it is a crisis of epic proportions that warrants outrage, anger and action.This is the world’s most powerful nations and politicians failing to control a situation that is horribly out of control. But most of all, this is a tragedy of isolation! We cannot wish to ignore conflict and strife in other nations particularly our neighbours. After all, we live in a connected world and no nation in this world can hope to progress alone. Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body is a reminder of a five year crisis in Syria that has displayed millions of families and cost so many lives. Continue reading

Breastfeeding is hard – What they don’t tell you about it?

Breastfeeding is Hard - Mother breastfeeds her Infant

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Let me get straight to the point. Breast feeding is hard. It’s fucking hard. Nobody really tells you straight up how difficult it is going to be. IT IS DIFFICULT.  There I have said it ! Infact, it is the mother of all parenting decisions that you will take right after undergoing the grossest experience ever –labor! Labor while grotesque and painful lasts for about 20-30 hours (thankfully!). Breastfeeding on the other hand is for the long haul. For me, five months of breastfeeding exclusively and then continuing to breastfeed my daughter till 9 months was the long haul.

Now let me be clear, I am a staunch advocate of “Breast is best”However in the battle of breast vs. bottle, I find that we do not arm new mothers with adequate information that they need to decide what is best for them. Often the bottle triumphs because new moms weren’t aware that breastfeeding is hard. So hard!

So here is what they don’t tell you about breastfeeding –

1. Nursing is not AUTOMATIC

Contrary to common belief, breastfeeding is not naturally established immediately after birth.  It isn’t a tap that can be just turned on! Your milk just doesn’t flow magically. Infact it does not flow at all! Latching comes with practice. It is an art that needs to be mastered and requires patience. Unfortunately dealing with a wailing infant right after an arduous labor and realizing that you aren’t really sprouting milk can make you an emotional wreck. Worse if you don’t ask for advise from your nurse or lactation consultant you can be totally flummoxed and most likely to give up on breastfeeding altogether. Continue reading

Summer Vacation with a Toddler – In High Definition ! (Part 1)

Looking for Trouble – Plan a Summer Vacation with a Toddler

Are you devoid of drama in your life? Are you looking for some colour, action and adrenaline to turbo charge your dull existence. Well, I have the perfect solution for you! GO ON A SUMMER VACATION WITH A TODDLER. Ha ha ha ha. Now, now don’t get me wrong. I am not being perverse. Just being honest or rather speaking from the heart. A summer vacation with a toddler is a 3D action thriller. It has its incredible twists and turns and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge. It’s the real deal and all in high-definition 🙂 And don’t we love HD !

Speaking of high-definition, I realized that I haven’t ever done a photo post on this blog. I guess now is the perfect time to share some of my favourite moments with Miraaya on our Summer Vacation to Portugal. We visited Lisbon and Algarve during this trip a couple of weeks ago and it feels like I went to the moon and back 🙂 Some accomplishment huh ! Well, when you have to deal with toddler mood swings, ears popping on an aircraft, irate outbursts and meltdowns then it does seem daunting. I can now write at length about the Ten Commandments of Vacation according to a Toddler. But lets leave that for another post.

For now, I would like you to enjoy these pictures of mother and daughter soaking in the sun and sights of Portugal. I suspect that some of you will find these adorable but don’t be fooled! Miraaya is a menace. She is NEVER upto any good. These pics only reveal half the truth. Our baby monster was in full form. She did it all from chasing down pigeons in Lisbon to eating sand in the beaches of Carvoeiro to chomping on my hair in the streets of Alfama. Yeah she had a blast. That is what made it worth it ! So here is the first of a three-part series of photo posts of our vacation pics with Miraaya. Continue reading

Blog Turns One – Happy Birthday Mommyreflects

Blog Turns One !

Happy Birthday Mommyreflects !

Whoa, its been a year already! This blog turns one. Unbelievable! Time flies and how. A year ago, I had no clue that what started as a rant of a new mother about bumps, birth, babies and being a mom would soon become an obsession. A good obsession but also a slightly manic one;) At first, I wasn’t quite sure what I would write about or how I would want to develop my blog. I just went with the flow and boy did I learn to swim along the way. I haven’t been hooked to anything like this since I drank my first glass of wine(sic!)! So you wanna blog? Well, Do It. Do it now! Do not put it off. Start writing. Start blogging. Start posting. Make a start. It is worth it.

1 year of blogging – Been an awesome ride so far.A big thank you to my 118 subscribers and a high five to my 294 followers on mommyreflects facebook page. You guys make this all worth it. It has been great engaging with you and I hope to keep you engrossed in the year to come with my reflections, rants and rambles. Here is a look at some highlights of the year gone by… Continue reading

Cuts, scrapes and wounds - We all fall down

Cuts, scrapes and wounds that help us grow…

“Why do we fall, Bruce?”


Really! Tell me WHY, Bruce? Infact tell me why do babies fall?

I would like a reasonable answer,please! I am a Mom.

I have a heart made of Jell-O.

I demand an ANSWER! Sigh…

These cuts, scrapes and wounds are doing me no good. I just feel so damned awful when I hear that terrible thud and I know that my daughter has tumbled or stumbled! And then comes the petrifying wail that makes you freeze for a moment. OMG! What now? Is she Ok? Do we need to go to a doctor? Should I comfort her or treat her? Should I act animated or calm? Should I apply an ice pack or a lotion?

This is the tough part of parenting – seeing your kids fall and get hurt. But babies are resilient. They RISE. Infact they are rock solid TOUGH. How do I know this? Simple, from experience 🙂   Continue reading