Mothers Day - Say Hello to my Mom

An open letter to my mom on Mothers Day

Dear Mom,

As I write an open letter to you on Mothers Day, I know that today is all about you. But you know what, one day isn’t enough to thank you for all that you have done for me.

It is because of You that everything is cool and comfy in my life:)

It is because of You that I have a clean cupboard and an organized room !

It is because of You that I can experiment with innumerable diets

It is because of You that I can have a career knowing that Miraaya is in good hands

You are my rock. You are my star. You are my lifesaver. You are simply too good ji 🙂 You are after all my mommy so no surprises there that you are the BEST…ha ha ha

Now ever since I have become a mom, I can truly understand what being a mother means! Motherhood = surrendor (sic!). It is all about giving and you have given me so much. You gave me your time and your energy. You were a stay at home mom and I remember that you were always there when I needed you, whether it was to discuss my fears or my career plans or the outfit I needed to wear at a party (and boy!did I try a LOT of outfits). You encouraged me when I needed a firm push, be it learning how to swim or making up my mind about key life decisions. The only mistake you made was to get Dad to teach me how to drive 😉 Maybe if you had taught me I would be driving today! You comforted me and hugged me when I needed the support especially when I was down and out or running a fever and being cranky (just like I am right now !). Most of all you LISTENED ! Oh, it is so lovely to just sit and chat with you. We ladies can gossip and who better than your mom to indulge in some bitchiness !!! I love that we have common interests (shopping, travel, jewellery, home improvement to name a few) and have shared so much with each other.  I am proud of the way you have managed your life after papa left us. Its great to have a self confident and assured mother. Your being so cool has made me cool 🙂

Mother's Day-Mom and Daughter Bond
All Smiles

But ma, while you have been a super mommy the real delight is seeing you as a grandmother. I am being very honest when I say that “You are a rock star Grand Mom”. Seeing you with Miraaya helps me realize how lucky I am. You have your hands full and I am sure you now realize what a nice, obedient and seeda saadha kid I was! No wonder you did not plan a second child. I was an angel;) But what did you know that a little cute devil will make you run around decades later. Aah! divine justice 😉

Mother's Day - Grandma and Miraaya
Mother’s Day – Fun times with Granny

Miraaya is a brat. Miraaya is difficult. Miraaya runs around. But she has met her match. Grandma is going to make a lovely woman out of my little naughty girl. Seeing you both grow in front of me is a blessing. I read somewhere that THE BEST MOTHERS BECOME GRANDMOTHERS ! How true that is, Ma?

Here is wishing you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Please continue to kick-ass as a mom and a grandmom.

Love you,


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