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Hello, I am Manasi Chadha.

I am a first time mommy. I blog about bumps, birth, babies and about being a mommy. I started this blog in the summer of 2014, a couple of months after I received the most important promotion of my life! Yes, I became a new mom on 5th January, 2014 to a  gorgeous little baby girl, Miraaya who is turning out to be one helluva brat! Now, as I am growing into this role of a new mommy, I can safely say that motherhood with all its ups and downs, crazy and amazing experiences – some hair raising and others absolutely delightful  has subsumed me completely.

Through this blog, I hope to connect with other new mommies and to-be mommies.  Please share your stories and own experiences as you read about my roller coaster journey of mommyhood and the tumultuous first year ! Oh and of course, to all the daddies or to-be daddies, your comments are welcome as well 🙂


Connecting with my Lil Daughter Enjoying mother nature Travelling with my Daughter


Lets find out more about Me

Now I did not visualize myself as a mommy or as someone with maternal instincts. Infact I was your regular Jane (correction overweight regular Jane ;)) whose life revolved around her work (a lot of it!), friends (jolly bunch) and family (they are an even jollier bunch). I knew that I wanted to become a mom but it wasn’t up there on my list of to-do’s.

Happy times with Mom and Dad
Joyous Days
Bout Me - I am my Dad's Lil Girls
Daddy’s Little Girl

Then in April 2012, I lost my dad suddenly and my whole world came crashing down. It was heartbreaking to lose him and difficult to imagine life without his infectious laughter and our constant arguments. It was like being punched in the stomach. It all seemed unbelievable. Losing a parent is like losing a part of you.

My dad was an affectionate, warm and giving person who had a great sense of humour. In fact he used to call it his sense of hammer 😉 He was a jolly person who was very sharp and full of witty one liners. I would rely on him for financial advice. He had an endearing quality to him and had a spiritual bend of mine. I am a lot like my dad and perhaps that is why we had a lot of arguments ! If only I could turn back time and have one more feisty argument with him…sigh…if only! After my father’s passing, I moved in with my mother. I grew up overnight.I realized that life does not go according to the master plan that we develop. It can take the most unexpected of twists that are beyond our control.

About Me -Daddy with his Morning Paper and Huge Smile
Hello Daddy!

It felt good to be with mom and slowly we started picking up the pieces again. My husband was a pillar of support around this time. We were living in different cities. We were also living in different mind spaces. A year after my father’s passing; we started talking about starting a family. Oddly, it seemed like the right time even though we were in different cities and both managing hectic careers.

I am a management consultant and I live by deadlines. Work life imbalance is a constant in my profession. At the time, I was also approaching my next promotion and needed to work doubly hard to make the cut. All in all it was not the best time to become a new mommy!  But then we weren’t thinking very logically were we 😛 We just took the plunge. And boy are we trying to surface now 😉

And I am Pregnant

In May 2013, I discovered I was pregnant. I was excited but not really sure how I felt. In the weeks that followed my first visit to the OB-GYN I remember feeling like too much was changing too quickly! I felt tired, nauseous and spent hours reading up on pregnancy in google.

This was a very hectic time at work for me. I was travelling and working long hours. Oddly it worked well since it took my mind off the pregnancy aches, pains and gave me lesser time to make unreasonable demands on all and sundry 😉 There was a lot of excitement in our families. Everyone was cheering my growing waistline! I, of course was scowling because I could only sip lemonade while everyone drank and made merry. I did rediscover my good humour eventually and thereafter played bartender at all our house parties (sic!).

The nine months to becoming a new mommy are really transformational (is that even a word !).  I think its practice for the real deal. I have not counted weeks so intently ever as I did during my pregnancy. If I had one chance to go back in time to my pregnancy days, I would just sleep 2 hours more every night ! Motherhood is exhausting…yawn…yawn

Meet the Daddy

An About Me section would be incomplete without a few words on my Knight in Shining Armour aka PAPA ! Now my hubby, Ashutosh is a man of few words (literally) who has a wonderful knack of driving me crazy; ) We have known each other for a decade now and have been married for close to five years. I spent a good part of my life in business school chasing after him and am glad that the roles have reversed. Now he chases me and my daughter…what divine justice:) He is my sounding board, harshest critic and best friend. We are thrilled to have Miraaya who is the light in our lives, our real treasure and ofcourse the pain in our neck;) She completes us.

About Me -On our Honeymoon
About me - Back to Business School
Flashback to 2003
About Me - Family Picture
That is US!

Random facts about me !

I am sure you have had enough of me by now but just in case you want to know more about me (really!sic!) here are some real random facets to my personality –

  • I love dark chocolate
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve –yes you can call me a sentimental fool or an emotional cancerian
  • I hate exercising – you need to literally kick my butt to get me to the gym
  • I am a HUGE Sachin Tendulkar fan
  • To this day, I only read hard copy books and have never read a novel online
  • Watches are my weakness and currently I am on a luxury watch collecting spree (much to my husband’s dismay!)
  • I would love to learn how to bake professionally someday
  • I am a carefree mom, not at all possessive and was surprisingly calm through my pregnancy
  • I am a wine junkie who is also discovering the benefits of beer and now Vodka
  • I am addicted to Clash of Clans on my iPhone
  • I love to ramble especially while writing J so writing 1500-2000 word blogs comes easily to me. It is a real challenge for me to write a 300 word blog! I am sure you know that about me by now 🙂
  • I am obsessed with brushing my teeth and my hair 🙂
  • Churning out PPTs and solving complex business problems gets me excited
  • I refer to my daughter as koko, cookie, bebo, cuckoo basically rarely by her name till I am angry at her
  • I am a foodie and swear by Zomato when looking for new places to eat
  • Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter are my favourite fictional characters
  • I drink green tea after every meal – maybe I was Chinese in my last life
  • I hate it when people misspell my name

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